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Maryland's Top Rated Wedding Officiant

Before the dancing, the cake, and all your other wedding festivities, your marriage will begin though the act of your wedding ceremony. This most personal of moments on your wedding day calls for the most personal of treatment. Elegant Ceremonies is Maryland's premier source for wedding officiant services because we provide highly personalized ceremonies that are built around each couple's identity. We can bring elements of heart warming humor, sincerity, and classic sophistication into your ceremony. Whether your vision is solemn or light hearted, there is a wedding ceremony uniquely for you just waiting to be written. Hundreds of couples from Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis, and the Eastern Shore and beyond have enjoyed hand crafted wedding ceremonies that hold true to time honored fundamentals, while exploring modern approaches to employing them.

Professional Weddding Officiant Services

We believe that professionalism is a description that must be earned by providing high quality services, and based on an advanced level of knowledge and skill. Therefore, an integral trait for professional wedding officiant services is the ability to create a ceremony from scratch. A wedding ceremony is more than words. A professionally written wedding ceremony should reflect the two unique people being married, and be designed with a noticable structure that reflects an understanding of ceremony theory. When that is done correctly a wedding ceremony should proceed easily, with an inherent logic and a flowing smoothness.

Personal Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings are events often seeped with tradition and habit. When all is said and done, there are much fewer opportunities to personalize your event than most people realize. Dinner may feature your favorite meal, the bouquets may be your favorite flowers, and the decor may reflect your favorite colors, but these are minor forms of personalization. Your wedding ceremony is your best opportunity to personalize your event. A professionally written personal wedding ceremony will be an artistic expression of you and your fiance, much like your wedding photos will be.

Easy Wedding Ceremony Planning

The creation process for your wedding ceremony will be very easy for you and your fiance. We understand that most couples don't know where to begin when it comes to their wedding ceremony. We'll guide you through it all, beginning to end. It will be important to get to know you so that an appropriate theme can be developed for the ceremony content, but you don't have to try being Shakespeare. We'll use the raw information you provide to compose an elegant, polished ceremony.